Heart Disease Prevention & Testing with Cleerly

Are you concerned about your cardiovascular risk? Cleery is an innovative cardiovascular test that allows patients to determine if they are at risk for heart disease or complications before the onset of symptoms. This allows patients the opportunity to preempt the onset of severe symptoms. We are proud to offer our patients Cleerly cardiovascular testing for heart disease prevention to help them live longer, healthier lives free from heart complications.

What is Cleerly?

Cleerly is a coronary imaging device that detects plaque in the heart before it causes a heart attack. Cleerly uses artificial intelligence to read a heart scan and differentiate between safe and dangerous plaque. The test, in collaboration with integrative medicine, finds treatments to reverse the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

cleerly heart disease prevention testing miami

Heart Disease Prevention with Cleerly Testing

The report will look at each artery in the heart and distinguish between stable, calcified cholesterol plaques that are unlikely to break and cause harm versus unstable, uncalcified, or soft plaques that can break loose and cause a heart attack. The report provides a score that shows where you are and what changes you need to make to your diet and exercise. It may also recommend medications or supplements to reduce your risk of heart disease and complications.

Benefits of Cleerly Testing

Cleerly provides us with the information to change our future and gives us more quality time with the people we love.

  • Heart disease prevention method 
  • Non-invasive technology
  • Determine your likelihood of being at risk for heart disease
  • AI can distinguish between dangerous and benign cholesterol plaque
  • Determine changes to lifestyle that can reverse symptoms

Heart disease prevention is key to overall health. Knowing the amount of soft plaque in your heart allows you to take the proper steps to reverse it by stabilizing your soft plaque. After the following treatment recommendations, the patients retest to determine if they responded to treatment and diminished their risk of future heart complications.

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