The Future of Medicine is Here. It’s Integrative Medicine.

The old physical exam where your primary care doctor listens to your heart and lungs and maybe does neurological reflex testing is over 100 years old. This traditional examination usually uncovers diseases when it is too late since the diagnosed conditions have reached an advanced stage when discovered by a physical exam. Integrative medicine is constantly innovating; in this blog, I will introduce you to two tests that can help you prevent many diseases: a genetic test and a test to find the amount of soft plaque present in the arteries of your heart

Integrative medicine is an innovative approach to medicine that is all about disease prevention. Integrative medicine doctors familiarize themselves with tests and laboratory examinations that find what the regular practitioner cannot. The idea is to deliver targeted medicine to your specific needs. After all, we are all different, and a one-size- fits all approach only works in some instances. Let me explain.

Cleerly is coronary CT angiography that finds heart plaque before it can cause a heart attack. The test, coupled with your integrative doctor, finds treatments to reverse your risk for cardiovascular artery disease. Cleerly uses artificial intelligence to read a heart scan and differentiates between safe and dangerous plaque. The report will look at every artery in your heart and distinguish between stable calcified cholesterol plaques that are not likely to rupture and harmful unstable noncalcified or soft plaque, which can detach and cause a heart attack. The report provides a score that indicates where you stand and the changes you should make in your diet and exercise routine. It can also recommend any medication or supplement to decrease your chances of heart disease and complications. These tests, together with many other preventive technologies out there, are the key to longevity.

cleerly heart disease prevention testing miami

Knowing the amount of soft plaque in your heart allows you to take the correct measures to reverse that and do what it takes to stabilize whatever amount of soft plaque you have. After following the proper treatment recommendations, patients can repeat the scan six months to a year later to see if they responded to treatment and if the plaque has stabilized. Tests like Cleerly provide us with the knowledge to change our future and give us more quality time on earth. If we find out the amount of soft plaque in our arteries and correct it, we can lessen the possibility of coronary heart disease or a stroke. Cleerly can save and extend your life.

A doctor interpreting a traditional CT scan of the heart can have difficulty telling the difference between soft and calcified plaque; Cleerly uses artificial intelligence to tell a doctor if the plaque in your coronary artery is soft despite a coronary calcium score from a traditional CT scan. The test is intended for cardiologists and primary care doctors, making it more accessible since it’s easy to interpret.

Let’s now talk about the brain. While attending an age management conference in November, I learned about IntellxxDNA, a genomic test that can provide intrinsic information coded in your DNA. I did the test as soon as I was presented with its benefits. As a doctor, many diseases scare me, but no disease puts the fear of illness in me as dementia does, which is why I did the test. When I reviewed my results about a month later, I found that I do not have a single gene that will contribute directly to memory loss or cognitive decline. However, I did find that I have multiple genes that can contribute to severe complications with diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as numerous deficiencies in some detox pathways. My body does not store vitamin C and glutathione properly, two compounds essential for almost every process in the body. I also found that I do not metabolize certain anesthetics and pesticides like the rest of you, which can lead to a toxic buildup of metabolites in my cells if I am exposed to those toxins. 

If present, I discovered that these factors would lead to many health complications, including dementia. This genomic test, like Cleerly, enables cutting-edge medicine to help guide prevention and intervention strategies. Understanding your genomic profile guides you and your doctor to develop treatment plans to enhance your body and mind. IntellxxDNA can provide comprehensive, science-based knowledge to educate you on health risks and benefits, all based on your genetic makeup. You will be provided a report allowing your integrative medicine doctor to plan a personalized approach toward optimal health, wellness, and improved quality of life.IntellxxDNA reports help doctors to understand gene function and explore possible prevention and intervention strategies. The report gives detailed potential interventions that range from integrative and functional medicine to traditional medicine approaches. The reports provide recommendations on supplements that can help the patient’s findings.

The IntellxxDNA core report will provide a brain optimization report that is designed to optimize the patient’s cognition, memory, and overall brain health. The report aids your understanding of the modifiable and reversible causes of memory loss from brain fog and dementia, which include vascular dementia, hippocampal atrophy, and other ischemic factors. The report consists of the well-known EPOE e4 gene but many different variants in your DNA that affect brain health. The medical overview report provides pivotal information to help doctors help you prevent chronic health issues. Chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and osteoporosis, which are usually thought of as inevitable, can be prevented and often reversed with the right and targeted interventions. For example, your doctor will be able to make specific recommendations, such as what supplements to take, making you more compliant. The report will allow your doctor to create a personalized preventive or treatment plan. IntellxxDNA has a mental wellness report and a neurodevelopmental report that is tailored to help you understand your brain, providing insightful information about addiction, cravings, and also conditions like anxiety and depression, but most important, guiding your clinician to create a targeted medical plan with potential interventions targeted just for you!

I don’t know about you, but if you told me that a simple saliva swab and a CT of my heart would allow me to live longer and healthier, I would run to have them done! Integrative medicine has been at the cutting edge for decades. Tests like the two presented here are just a few of the many innovations available today. IntelxxDNA will disclose genetic information encoded in your DNA that can allow you to influence your epigenome. Cleerly can enable you to control your cardiovascular health completely by making dietary and lifestyle changes to help you prevent serious cardiovascular complications. Medical advances like these are what integrative medicine is about, using available tools to prevent disease and allow you to live healthier lives for as long as possible. 

Cleerly and IntellxxDNA are just some of the medical innovations available today. Numerous startups are working tirelessly to bring similar advanced technologies to help us improve our lives. In future blogs, I will talk about similar tests. In my next blog, I will discuss hormones, their importance, especially as we age, and the safety of using bioidentical hormones. I will detail the significance of hormone optimization and debunk myths about their side effects, like cancer and heart attacks. Please take advantage of the tests discussed in this blog. Hopefully, you can look for a doctor near you that can offer these and other diagnostic tools to help you improve your health and, therefore, your quality of life for as long as possible. 

Until next time!