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Uncovering the Secrets of IntellxxDNA: Health Optimization Genomics

Writing this next blog has taken me longer than anticipated, but the practice is growing very fast, and finding time to write has been a challenge. Between trying to stay active, taking care of two large dogs, and keeping sane, time just seems to fly by. In the last blog, I promised to write about myths about age management and hormone optimization. Still, recently I have found many doctors talking and writing about the topic, so I have decided to expand on IntellxxDNA. The genome sequencing test has blown my mind. I already shared with you that I did the test in November of last year and found multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) that, if ignored, can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, I want to expand on what IntellxxDNA can uncover and how it can help us live healthier, happier lives.

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SNPs: The Genetic Building Blocks That Shape Our Health

What is a SNP? These are genetic variations among humans. They are changes in DNA building blocks or nucleotides. Why are they important? These changes in our DNA sequence are found between genes, acting as markers since they help scientists locate genes that are associated with different diseases. The SNPs we use are found within genes or in a regulatory region near a gene, and they can affect a gene’s function. As a result, they may play a role in disease by affecting those genes’ function. SNPs can help predict a person’s response to certain medications or susceptibility to environmental factors such as toxins and, therefore, risks of developing diseases. SNPs can help us track the inheritance of disease-associated genetic variants within families (and my favorite reason to do this amazing test), exposing serious diseases that we inherit from mom and dad. In case you are wondering what a gene is, it is the way our cells make the different substances they need to make and turn into the specific cell type they are destined to become based on the DNA sequence being expressed. Does that make sense?

From Mosquitoes to Panic Attacks: How IntellxxDNA Transformed My Life

Now let’s use me as an example. I love nature, and trees surround my house; my property is a tropical paradise. My yard is a small piece of heaven that reminds me of Costa Rica (one of my favorite places to visit) every time I step outside; however, since I live in Miami, Florida, there are hundreds of mosquitoes. About a year ago, I hired a company that was fumigating once a month, keeping the mosquitoes in check. When I did IntellxxDNA in November, I discovered that I have PONS1 SNP, which impairs my body’s ability to metabolize organophosphate pesticides. In the months before doing this test, I was having these weird panic attacks about 3-5 nights out of the month. They happened right before bed and were unpleasant since they prevented me from sleeping. When I learned I was a PONS1 carrier, I returned home and canceled the fumigating service. I have not had a similar episode since. As I write this from my pergola, I have two fans by my side to keep mosquitoes away. Although this noise can be unpleasant, I would rather deal with the noise of these two fans than suffer the effects from the toxicity of these chemicals that my body cannot get rid of so easily. 

Taking Charge of My Genetic Destiny: Battling Obesity and Diabetes

In my first blog, I told you about my battle to lose weight and how I lost over 45 pounds while on Semaglutide. Well, IntellxxDNA revealed that I carry an SNP that puts me at a higher risk of diabetes and obesity. I have another SNP associated with overexpression of an insulin growth factor (IGF2), which can result in damage to the pancreas, insulin resistance, higher blood sugar levels, and increased storage of abdominal fat – this latest one is the reason why I have never had a six-pack. I carry multiple SNPs that lead to obesity and weight gain. I have 7 SNPs that contribute to serious complications related to diabetes and obesity. An additional SNP prevents my muscle from up-taking glucose regularly, a critical factor in glucose control for diabetics. Now it is up to me if I allow my genetics to determine my future. I will do whatever it takes to live a healthier life, and if I have to avoid eating pasta or white bread, I will do so to avoid all possible complications encoded in my DNA.

Empowered by IntellxxDNA: Unveiling the Truth about Toxin Detoxification and Heart Health

Similar to the PONS1 SNP, I carry 5 SNPs that limit my ability to detoxify heavy metals and other toxins, multiple others that put me at risk of heart disease and higher levels of inflammation (that also contributes to heart disease, dementia, and other diseases). I must avoid certain anesthetics if I ever need general anesthesia. Some may wonder, “Why do this test if you find out so many scary factors about your health?” Because now I am in control! I decide what foods to eat and what to avoid. My diet needs to be low in sugars and refined carbs. I also need to take special supplements to enhance my detox channels.

Reversing Biological Age: Embracing the Power of IntellxxDNA

Integrative medicine doctors all over the world are helping people live longer and healthier lives as you read this. People using advances like IntellxxDNA prevent disease and modify their lifestyle to improve their health outcomes. Science is advancing so rapidly that people can reverse their biological age; they look and feel better by benefiting from advances such as IntellxxDNA. Heart disease kills more Americans yearly than any other disease in the United States. Many people have very poor diets. Others have genetic predispositions that put them at risk of heart attacks and strokes like myself.

Invest in Your Health: Discover the Potential of IntellxxDNA for a Longer, Healthier Life

Nowadays, we can invest in our health to live better, longer, and healthier lives. I invite you to learn more about this genome sequencing platform and look for an integrative clinician near you that works with IntellxxDNA. Use the test to help you develop a personalized healthcare plan designed just for you. Stay healthy, and I hope to be back with more interesting topics soon. 

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