My Weight-Loss Journey – Dr. Luis A. Perez

A few years ago, I was employed doing what at some point was my dream job. Just a few years in that job and I was an unhappy doctor making a lot of money for a large corporation. After residency, they offered me an above-average salary, which I accepted. The money came with lots of strings attached, to say the least. Towards the end of my employment, the workload was absurd and took over 70+ hours a week away from my life and was possibly depressed. Most importantly, I was not delivering the best care for my patients.
My decision to go into medical school was for purely humanistic reasons. I hoped to give patients the same care I would give a loved one if they ever needed a doctor.
My situation at the time had led me to feel trapped, cynical, and unsatisfied, but with enough money to make it seem like it was all okay. It was not OK! 

I would wake up early in the morning and squeeze in some work before getting to the office. Then I returned home to work even more. I did not take a single lunch break for over two years, and when I did, I ate my food in front of my computer. I was not having sex; I had no energy and my total testosterone was 82 pg/mL (very low). It felt as if the walls were closing in on me. My mind was in a constant fog. My weight increased even more in the last few years. Overall, my body was carrying over 50 lbs of excess fat. 

My weight gain and decreased testosterone levels were clearly due to stress at work. My body was constantly in survival mode.

This is why I emphasize that relaxation, meditation, and enjoyment are all keys to a healthy life. We must make time to do what we love, like going to the beach, connecting with our loved ones, or snuggling with our pets. ☺

In mid-2021 I decided to start Semaglutide and within a few months, 25 lbs were gone! Within 6 months over 40 lbs had come off. The motivation served me to start working out again, eat healthier and watch my portions. During this process testosterone supplementation became regular, improving muscle mass and tone. My mood improved and mental health was not a concern anymore. The healthy habits allowed me to create a new routine to force myself to go to bed early and wake up early. 

I gradually felt more and more excited to quit that job to reconnect with myself. The decision was not easy, who wants to give up over a six-figure salary? I sure did not. 

Everything happens at the right time. Later on in my journey, I discovered Age Management and not only got certified but became a member of one of the main Anti-Aging Societies in the nation. 

Age Management Medicine is a fresh, innovative, and holistic approach where the main focus is on optimizing weight, hormone health, and mental health. Every day I’m learning new ideas and concepts to support my clients.

I love going to work every day.

I am now on testosterone replacement; taking my daily supplements, exercising 5 times a week, and keeping my hydration at optimal levels. My life has improved in every way, my happiness radiates in every other aspect of my life. My patients feel my positive energy and thank me for my transformation. I regret exchanging money for happiness, but hey, we are human and have to learn the hard way at times. 

My current goal at Age Better Miami is to create an environment that is filled with peace, respect, love, and good vibes. We are attempting to establish a completely personalized approach to medicine,  where patients feel and understand that their health is our main interest. A friendly place where they want to return over and over. 


I feel positive about the future! I know I have the tools to overcome whatever challenges I may face professionally or personally. With all the changes I made in my life, my stress is minimal, my weight is optimal, and I sleep and feel rested. Optimal health comes from a disciplined life that incorporates healthy eating habits, prioritizing sleep, and most importantly, happiness. If we are compromising our health at work (whether physical, mental, or emotional), it may be time to start looking for alternatives. What good is money if you are heading to a heart attack or a stroke?

I share my story intending to inspire you to take action on your health journey. I’m here to remind you that you are in control of your life and you have all the tools to take action. Start slow, one step at a time. Aim to become the best version of yourself. Keep in mind that transformation and lasting change take time and consistency. There is no shortcut to wellness and “failing” is also a big part of the process. We all fail at one time or another. What’s important is that we learn from our mistakes and keep moving on. You got this!

– Dr. Luis A. Perez